MedServ Cyprus

Oil and Gas Industry

Medserv (Cyprus) Ltd was set up in 2011 to provide logistics and support facilities for the envisaged increased activity in the oil and gas industry in the Eastern Mediterranean basin.
Medserv (Cyprus) Ltd was set up with the aim of operating a non-exclusive “multi-user facility” supporting the local exploration program and at the same time creating a regional centre of excellence for the ongoing operations in the Eastern Mediterranean Basin.
The company has been granted licenses to operate  out of the port of Larnaca in addition to a base in the port of Limassol.

Medserv Cyprus will be able to provide the following services:

  • Shipping Freight Clearance & Agency Services
  • Bunkering and Potable Water
  • Warehousing & Yard Storage
  • Office Space & Equipment
  • Mud Plant
  • Non Destructive Testing Services
  • Berthing and Quay24x7 Security
  • Cargo Transportation Units

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