Mechanical and Electrical Engineering

Caramondani Engineers is one of the major Mechanical and Electrical contracting companies in Cyprus.

Caramondani Bros Public Co Ltd (currently operating under the trade name Caramondani Engineers) was founded in Famagusta, Cyprus, in 1959, by Gerasimos and Stavros Caramondani, as an engineering contracting company, operating mainly in the field of electrical and central heating installations for hotels and other buildings. The company was the first to introduce central air-conditioning to the booming hotel industry and soon became a market leader.

In the years that followed, Caramondani Bros contributed significantly to the development of Cyprus’ infrastructure, as well as the rebuilding and expansion of the local economy after the 1974 Turkish invasion. The company, having gained valuable know-how and experience, expanded its engineering activities to other fields.

In 1999 the company has turned into a Public Limited Company and its shares were floated to the Cyprus Stock Exchange. In the year 2008, its shares were withdrawn from the Stock Exchange and is now a Limited Liability Company. The registered name, however, remained as a PLC.

As the core business is Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, the company has registered “Caramondani Engineers” as its official trade name.
Today, Caramondani Engineers continues to excel as one of the major electrical and mechanical engineering contracting companies in Cyprus, employing more than 150 people.

Remaining committed to offering high quality products and services, the company has acquired the internationally acknowledged certification CYS EN ISO 9001:2008, for implementing and maintaining a Quality Management System.

The company remains committed to continuing to advance all services offered, implementing the highest industry standards and conforming to the requirements of the most stringent quality control systems.

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