Caramondani desalination plants

This company owned and operated the first desalination BOOT contract in Cyprus for 9 years, the DHEKELIA DESALINATION PLANT, 1997 – 2006.

The plant, which came as a result of the island’s continuously increasing demands for potable water, was a USD 142 million 10-year FIRST B.O.O.T. contract (build-own-operate-transfer, back to the government) designed to produce 40,000m3 of potable water per day.

The plant that was inaugurated in April 1997, utilized the Reverse Osmosis (RO) process to remove dissolved solids from raw seawater and produce potable water in accordance with EU Drinking Water Standards and and using the DUPONT filament membranes.

Our firm, following international tenders in 2005 for a new 20 year BOOT contract (2007 – 2017), won and totally refurbished the same plant utilizing two KSB x 2.2 Megawatt high pressure pumps and spiral wound membranes to achieve the 40,000m³ of potable water per day with a BORON rejection of less than 0,5 ppm. The new plant SAVED 4 MEGAWATT IN ENERGY utilizing the ENERGY RECOVERY SYSTEMS OF E.R.I. USA. The plant was inaugurated in May 2007 after a stoppage of 6.5 months.

Furthermore due to the extraordinary drought on the island during the 2006-2007 season the government negotiated with our firm for a capacity increase of the plant to 60.000m³/Day in two stages. 10.000m³ for July 2008 and another 10.000 for April 2009. Ever since the plant operates and produces 60.000M3/Day with three KSB H.P. Pumps of 2250 KW each. Total eventual expiring date: APRIL 2029.

Services Offered

The company, which has been involved with desalination since the early 1970´s, provides consulting services for design, supply and installation of desalination plants as a solution for potable water demands.

In September 2001 this company acquired the 63,5% of the equity of the Italian manufacturer of sea and brackish desalination plants, Messrs OSMO SISTEMI SRL of FANO, ITALY.

In March 2008 the company acquired the 100% of the equity of Osmo Sistemi Srl.


“Representatives of Cobetter elements in Oman, Spain, Greece and Cyprus. Cobetter manufacture high quality, high flow elements at competitive prices. The Cobetter 60” pleated high flow element has an area of 8.4 m2 with 5 multi-layered design providing gradient filtration to ensure the best water quality prior to the Reverse Osmosis membranes. The gradient filtration design ensures longer filter life as the particles are trapped by the element according to their size: larger particles are trapped in the internal part of the element and as water flows through the element the particles are removed in a gradient way so as to ensure that the element will give the maximum capacity. Cobetter are unique in that they are the only elements available with 5 layers and gradient filtration.

Furthermore, Cobetter elements use a membrane with a thickness of 2.2 mm’s giving the possibility to operate at higher differential pressures of up to 3.5 bar. Beta factor at 5 micron is 5000. Cobetter elements are used at many desalination plants, including Dhekelia desalination plant in Cyprus where they have been tested in comparison to other high-flow elements and proven to be highly efficient reliable.”